How durable is commercial flooring?

In short, commercial flooring is very tough and durable, and homeowners will find that aesthetically pleasing brands are appropriate for high traffic residential spaces, too. Flooring options range from carpeting to luxury vinyl flooring. You can find a wide variety of durable flooring materials in many styles at Omega Commercial Flooring, a commercial flooring company in San Antonio. We also bring products and services to the residential marketplace.

Carpet tiles

Commercial carpet tiles tolerate daily wear and tear better than residential carpeting. Durable nylon, eco-friendly polyester, and fade-resistant polypropylene are standard fibers. Several backing materials are available, including foam and rubber.


Vinyl composition tile, or VCT, is a porous flooring material composed of limestone, vinyl, and filler substances. The tiles come in different finishes that provide
varying degrees of slip resistance.

SPC flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring that has a stone plastic composite (SPC) core is almost indestructible. The main component in this core is limestone. These waterproof vinyl planks and tiles mimic hardwood, stone, and ceramic.

Quarry tile

Quarry tile, made of hard-fired clay, is often the flooring of choice for commercial kitchens. This floor covering withstands spills and grease buildup. The tile is waterproof, and therefore, it is not glazed. Most tiles are red, gray, tan, and brown.


Engineered wood flooring brings an upscale look to an office. Planks are made up of a surface layer of hardwood and a base layer of plywood that tolerates moisture. Floating floor construction is the norm. A durable wood species like oak is ideal.

Omega Commercial Flooring provides various products and services including commercial flooring installation.