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Omega Commercial Flooring takes great pride in our installation team’s unsurpassed skills and talents for providing our customers with the best finished product possible. Much has been invested in the training and continuing education in the latest technologies and installation techniques. We currently hold certifications in the following:

Recycling and Reclamation Efforts for Eco-Friendly Flooring

With an increasing number of building professionals prioritizing the environmental impact of their projects, the demand for environmentally-responsible products is greater than ever.

Omega Commercial Flooring is committed to our environment by partnering with regional and national carpet reclamation centers. To date, tens of thousands of cubic yards of replaced carpet has been kept from our landfills by conversion to alternative fuel.

Are you interested in making eco-friendly flooring choices? Omega Commercial Flooring can ensure your project meets LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements, thanks to multiple recycling and reclamation programs. We make it our company policy to buy and sell “green” flooring products.

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