Choosing A Commercial Flooring Contractor

If you own a business in the regional area and would like to overhaul the interior, you’ll surely want to install a new floor. In fact, as the best commercial flooring contractor, we can help you determine the scope of your project. We offer reputable craftsmanship every step of the way, and previous customers have given us high marks across the board. We love our clients and are devoted to their aesthetic success!Remodeling projects usually take place in stages. Whether you’re interested in beautiful wood or elegant marble, we offer a wide selection of materials that you can potentially use. Options for restaurants, for example, might be a bit different than options for hotel lobbies. The primary goal is to choose an appealing floor material that will hold up well through time.

All of our technicians are dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry standards, and we always make sure that our work is up to code. Meeting local codes and regulations is a crucial part of our job, and we’ll ensure that your new floor is safe and viable.

When searching for commercial flooring companies, you’ll want someone who can complete projects of different scopes. We are skilled at remodeling both modest business interiors and high-end commercial outfits. Our attention to detail is what allows us to stand out from the competition.

We always test concrete slabs for moisture and vapor emissions. In all cases, flooring can only be installed successfully on concrete slabs that are properly dry. If the concrete is high in vapor emissions, then some degree of repair work will need to be completed before the installation of the new floor can move forward.

Do you need help with commercial floor installation? Call us at (210) 413-8550 for a free quote today! At Omega Commercial Flooring, our handiwork is our pride!